Day 10 : Spider-man Homecoming.

I woke up at 10am. Had nearly 10 hours of sleep after the tiresome journey yesterday. Had pongal for breakfast. It was quite awkward to stay at someone’s house and not knowing them well enough.

Amazing Spider-man was on TV. That made me want to go and watch Spiderman Homecoming. Heard it was the best spiderman movie ever.

I wanted to go home early. But, they kept insisting that I stay and have lunch. So, I just stayed over a little longer. My elder cousin’s grandma’s sister came over as well. Then, my cousin’s grandpa revealed that his son is in a relationship with a girl that’s not in our caste. Yeah.. we still do arrange marriage. If you are in a relationship with a girl, it is a huge shock.

My uncle and my grandma looked shocked. I was very happy. My mind went:

Another one!

I really want to get into the relationship as well. But, I haven’t even kissed a girl in my life. All my life it has been fapping. Just fapping to deal with all my sexual urges. That’s why I’m on NoFap. At least then, I would have a girlfriend.

I really want to lose my virginity. But, again, I haven’t even had my first kiss. Let alone my wish to lose my virginity. But, on the other hand, I don’t want to do bad with my academics as well. My p length isn’t the best. But, I believe that if I do some exercise.. It should be fine. Indian people don’t have the best p length.

To be honest, I had some eye contacts in the night clubs. But, I wasn’t sure if it would be okay to kiss them. So, I would rather just stay away from them.

Anyway, back to the story. I had fish curry and fish fry for lunch. It was very nice. Then, I asked if my elder cousin would be willing to come over to my place. He said “Okay”. So, we just drove him and my grandma to ours.

Booked Spiderman Homecoming tickets for just us two. My bro didn’t want to come as he had karate classes. My mum was really worried that I was taking my cousin. She thinks I’m careless and I would just leave him on the road on his own. WTF?

The amount of rules and instructions they gave.. Gawdd.. Just pissed me off. Call my uncle before you reach there. Make sure you walk the road properly. Make sure he doesn’t stay close to the road. Make sure he gets what he wants. FUCKS SAKE!!!

I just left. Then, when we were there. He said Forum mall was the biggest mall he had ever seen and that ones in New York are actually smaller. Got him a regular popecorn and regular coke. But, the regular coke was spilt and was a waste. Then, got him another small coke.

MOVIE TIME! Loved the first part. People were shouting and screaming. WTF? This isn’t some Indian movie. Indians, grow up in cinemas please! It was really good. And, funny. Like the comics. haha

Nearly 90% of the cinema left as soon as the first credits was shown. Was expecting something to do with Black Panther. But, it wasn’t. It was just that Vulture doesn’t want to reveal that Peter Parker is the Spiderman. Then, again, it was the roll-on credits. Around 10 mins. 95% of the cinema left. The next post-credit scene was somewhat similar to Deadpool. It was Captain America explaining that we were patient and he appreciates it. My cousin at the end concluded:

I learnt an amazing lesson from Captain America. Patience equals Nothing.

Reached home on a share tuk-tuk. Found out mom bought a new bed and a dressing table. Shouted at her for cramming the house. Anyways, had a peaceful sleep. I think my elder cousin slept well too.



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