Day 9 : Pilgrimage.

Writing this entry two days late. The last two days have been quite tiresome. Anyways, I woke up at 5:30am – the earliest I’ve been awake since I’ve stayed in India. Got ready and everyone at home were in hurry-bury for no reason. They started shouting and complaining that I wasn’t ready. I told them to shut up. I shouted at my grandma too.

Anyway, my mom told me to keep the fact that I’m on medication as a secret. She didn’t want anyone know that I’m suffering from anxiety issues and brain fog. But, I should say my brain fog is clearing.

As expected, my uncle was an hour late and we got on the car and travelled to my aunt’s home. I was very happy to meet my cousins once again. The seats in the seven seater car remained the same. My elder cousin, my aunt and myself on the back. Others in the front.

Off we went to Tirupathi. It was a long journey. I kinda got sleepy and feel asleep. When I woke up, the car was stopped near a restaurant. Everyone was having tea. I just wanted to take a piss. The toilet was just pure disgusting.

Then, I wanted to buy these Indian biscuits called “Little Hearts” for my cousins. But, realised I had no money. So, their grandfather bought it for them. After a while, it was just me and their grandfather just waiting outside. It was very awkward.

Continued our journey. My aunt, as a doctor, gave me a tablet that should stop me from puking due to travel sickness. As we are about to drive through the mountain roads, my baby cousin puked on my elder cousin and her mom (my aunt). Poor Girl was crying for a very long time. We stopped the car near the platform. Cleaned ourselves and changed my baby cousin’s clothes.

Off we went to the mountain. God… I prefer trekking through the mountain rather than driving. Driving through the mountain just makes me sick. Took 45 mins to get to the top of the mountain. For me, it’s 45 mins of agony.

My grandma and both of my cousins tonsured their hair. It was quite sad to see my grandma bald. It was surprising to see that my baby cousin didn’t cry at all.

Then, it was time to the most crowded place of all time. The actual temple. On its busiest day, the temple encounters 3-4 million people per day. My grandma wasn’t able to walk long distances. But, luckily, this guy who works for the temple was on jeep came as a good Samaritan and gave us a free lift. God Bless!

After getting off, my grandma struggled to even walk few meters to the ticket counter. My uncle told me walk with my aunt and her family. He was walking slowly with my grandma. 😦 For some reason, she doesn’t want to consult a doctor about it.

Crowd was just pushing us from all directions. My baby cousin slept on her grandpa’s shoulder. My elder cousin was probably the one who struggled the most in the entire temple.  He said;

I don’t need to walk. I will just slide through the crowd like a log in a river

My aunt was arguing with these random strangers for breaking the queue. As we entered the temple, I explained my elder cousin about the temple and how it’s tower is gold plated.

I asked to pray for anything that he wishes. He kept saying :

Anything that’s good.

I prayed for my internship and the computer resit and for my success in NoFap.

Waited for my grandma and my uncle for like 30 mins. Offered some money to the temple. My elder cousin chucked the money into the hundi as if it was a basketball. He got scolded. No wonder. To the wish stone. Legend has it that anything you write on this stone would come true. My uncle spent solid 10 mins writing his wishes 😀

On the way back, my elder cousin slept on my lap. I fell asleep as well. I just heard a fight between our chauffeur and elder cousin’s grandma. LOL! I was half-asleep. Plus, I couldn’t be arsed to wake up listening to an argument. Had dinner. We slept over at my aunt’s place.


Hmm.. Too tired. I didn’t look at Porn as soon as I woke up like yesterday. Memory is getting better. Hasn’t reached its best. I haven’t studied so, I can’t say anything about my focus. I’m getting confident and I look into a girl’s eye with confidence.



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