Day 14 : Man… I was full of energy. Best Day in a while.

Damnn… I don’t what’s happening with those pills. But, hell sure they are working. Yesterday, I wrote about how depressed and drugged up I was. Man.. now, it is almost my bedtime. I’m typing this blog as if this was a typing competition. Something is wrong with me. But, I like this change. To quote from Spiderman:

Any change?

Yeah. A big Change

Anyway, Mom woke me up in the middle of the sleep and told me draw a diagram of Nitrogen Cycle on my bro’s notebook. I should I’m proud of that sketch that was drawn while half asleep. I went back to sleep. Woke up at the usual time.  Had Breakfast and the anxiety pill after.

Off I went to the Java class. I was quite focused and intrigued about the learning today. I was so excited. Then, again, my teacher wasn’t teaching me most of the time. So, I felt like it was a waste. Anyways, after the lessons had finished, I called my mom and told her to come over to this Yoga Center. Yes… I will be learning Yoga from tomorrow.

I think as I’m close to reaching 15 day mark on NoFap, I feel like all my energy is coming back. Literally. I had so much energy in me.

So, I came back home. It was quite hot. Usually, I would become tired after staying in sun after 30 mins. Today, I was on sun for nearly 2 hours. To improve my memory and concentration, Mom bought me Flax seeds. Apparently, they are rich in Omega 3.

Without a slightest bit of annoyance, I was happy to go back on sun after 3 hours and attended my internship. They wanted me to build a AC-DC converter. But, the breadboard and soldering iron weren’t the best. I had to bend the legs of the components and join them together to make a connection.

As expected, it didn’t work. 100% sure, it was due to short circuit. The soldering was so badly done. Anyway, I left.

Got back home. Went to my Uncle S’ house with my grandma on a Taxi. God.. that taxi driver was loud and annoying. The guy was speaking to wife and complaining about his wife to us while she was on the line. WTF? Fix yourself dude. We wanted to visit this place because the tenant there owes my grandma like 200,000 Rupees. I wanted to go with her because she can’t walk properly or go up the stairs. So, I went with her in case she needs any help. But, my reason to go was to look at babes.  LOL! Joking.

But.. yeah. My Uncle S’ house is a girls hostel. Now, that my energy level was peaking high. I really wanted to have a kiss and flirt with someone. Since I won’t be able to do that, I just wanted to make some not-creepy but, strong eye contact with some ladies.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We came back on the same taxi that got us there.

Once I came home, I just searched up “How to lose virginity?”. Haha! My testosterone was skyrocketing. I did look at some navel pics today. Didn’t fap. That’s about it really.

Booked Tickets to Madurai for Grandma. She will be leaving tomorrow.

Did not revise. Should have used all this energy on something productive. With NoFap, treatment on anxiety and some supplements from mom, I’m sure on the way to becoming the guy that I want to be.


I looked at some navel videos. That’s because I was extremely energetic and as a result, I was horny. But, controlled myself.

As I have said already many times in this entry, my energy levels were raging high. Literally, I wasn’t like “Can’t be arsed” at any point today. I had this drive and confidence. Nearly day 15. Seeing good results. Memory is getting better. I’m remembering things here and there. Still forgetting where I left my wallet and some words that I used to know. I’m 100% sure. My memory will return on Day 60. Focus is still shit. But, to be honest, didn’t have much time to test it.


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