Day 16: A New Beginning.

Yes. It is a New Beginning. My lifestyle has dramatically changed. I woke up really early – 7AM. That’s really early for me. Mom kept insisted that I should do Yoga. So, I did. For like solid 20 minutes. I did the Sun Prayer Yoga and some breathing exercises. But, I couldn’t get the breathing right. So, I had to look up on Google before doing it.

Off I went to Java class. Finished Threads and Execution today. My teacher actually spent some time with me teaching the concept completely. She hasn’t done this in a while. But, she is amazing when it comes to teaching. Then, as I was coding, she explained about how much their family is praying for a better job for her. I told her that teaching is a very valuable profession. She agreed and said :

Not the best profession for money

It’s true. It is quite unsatisfying for people like her who put so much effort in teaching someone their knowledge. Yet, still, gets paid less. 😦

Then, the teacher responsible for my Internship informed and said I will be able to do the Internship today as soon as my Java class finishes. I was so happy. I don’t have to come back from home.

She taught me basic stuff again. It was really embarrassing when I answered most of her basic questions wrong. For instance, I didn’t know what a dielectric does. I didn’t know what a semi-conductor was. But, when she reminds me what it is, it all comes back. I was also quite glad that the brain is rebooting. I have forgotten all the fights my dad had with my mom and all the embarrassing moments. They are all gone now. I’m happy that I have forgotten most of the things.

Then, I went to the pharmacy to get the medicine I was prescribed for my melasma. I haven’t applied it in ages because my mom has put it somewhere and she can’t remember where it is.

Came back home. Had Lunch. Took a nap. Woke up. Paid fees for motor bike training lessons. I’m starting from Saturday.

Came back home. Asked my brother (He is 13. I’m 20) how to take square roots of any number without using calculator. He explained some division method and factorising method.

Did some revision. I didn’t want to finish Arithmetic. It was too long and boring. So, I just went through the Alex’s stuff. I need to print off my notes. It should cost like 233 rupees. Not much.

I’m doing revision now. Then, I’m off to bed.

Oh yeah… I wanted to do the exam here. But, then today was the deadline. I can’t do anything. So, I have to go back to UK to do the resit. But, I’m coming back to India. Mom keeps insisting that I need to come back so, she can take care of me well. But, I want to stay in UK. It has been ages since I have met my mates from school and secondary. To be more precise, 2 and half years. That’s because I never really had a vacation for myself.


I took the phone to the toilet this morning. But, never looked at navel pics. I had so many opportunities to look at P**n. But, I refrained.

I felt more energetic. Memory is getting better. I can remember things now properly. Still a bit absentminded. Focus is not the best.

Damn.. It is day 16 today. 16 days since I rubbed my ding dong. I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m not feeling tired anymore. I’m more active. I know how to control my body. I know how to control my urges. I wish I had experimented this earlier. 😦 I have ruined my life due to this addiction. Once I reach day 60. I’m going to take a break from NoFap. Try it for 90 days after that.

Can’t wait for day 30. Let’s go.


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