Day 17: Normal Day, I guess…

Today was a very normal day for me. Nothing new. Just normal.

Woke up quite late today as I sleep late last night after revision. I was quite urged to look at P**n last night. But, I told myself:

It’s not worth it.

Then, just watched some league videos and slept. When I woke up, my mom kept insisting that I should do Yoga. I did Sun Prayer and breathing exercise. Not religiously though. Then, I tried to perform some exercise to increase my penile length while showering. But, the soap was so strong that it went into my P. It was hurting like hell whenever I peed. Literally, I nearly screamed. That lasted for like 2 hours straight.

Off I went to Java class. My teacher wasn’t in. So, I was bored. Went on NoFap. Then, it was time for my internship. I literally did nothing there. The internship leader is so intrigued by the fact that I’m from UK. She consistently asked me about all the stuff in UK – culture, food and people. I was thinking to myself:

Just Shut Up! Already. Just do your job and teach me something

It was so awkward talking about UK and abroad to someone who has never been to abroad. To make things even worse, there were two other boys asking me all sorts of weird questions to me. God!

Then, I escaped and I was off to Yoga class. I was quite late. She taught some Yoga for my concentration. Then, on the way back, I had some rose milk. Damn.. it was soo refreshing!! It was also very hot today. 39 degrees. Luckily, I had my sunscreen on. Otherwise, I would turned into some charcoal looking figure.

Had fish curry and rice for lunch. Slept. Woke up. I went out to print my 82 pages long notes. By the time, I came back home from the printing shop. My mum was having an intense conversation with my dad on the phone about some property that we have in rural part of Madurai. Apparently, my grandfather from my dad side has put my dad’s property for sale without his permission. Upon further discussion with my dad, he confirmed it was a rumour and nothing like that has happened.

I had quite a lot of healthy take away for dinner. Mushroom masala, Two corn hobs and two cups of mushroom soups.  Watched this reality TV show. That’s it. Everyone has gone to bed apart from me. I’m going to study for an hour.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start my motor bike training lessons. Neil (my young cousin) should be back tomorrow as well. Thinking of taking him to the new Dawn of the apes movie.


I did have urges here and there. I controlled myself and refrained from looking at any p**graphic content. But, I did wanted to know how often women masturbate. I always wondered if they do it as often as men. Apparently, they don’t. Good. No wonder women are more focused at work than men. Men are some horny creatures.

Thanks to those 10 followers. Don’t know if you are going to read this. But, I’m happy someone is reading what’s happening in my boring life.


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